DVD will change the way

your company communicates

to the world.


Consider the many uses for DVD in the business communications world: training and sales videos, point-of-sale, presentations, tradeshows, kiosks, e-commerce and direct marketing. In each case, DVD delivers, superior picture quality, improved sound capability, increased storage capacity plus the important, added benefit of multi-tasked interactivity. DVD is simply a better way to deliver your message. And that means better internal and external communication, better learning for you and your clients and better sales results for your company.


Training and sales videos

One of the most useful corporate applications for DVD lies in its ability to make training and sales videos much more content specific for each person using the disc. With easy-access menus, each person can move through a program at their own speed, depending on their level of content expertise. At the click-of-a-button, they can instantly access any chapter within a video, print out artwork, text and graphics or even print an evaluation test or product catalog.


With the advent of DVD/Web, businesses can now use an Internet site to control a DVD disc. By linking the Internet to DVD, you add almost unlimited bandwidth to any website. All the video, audio and graphics are very high quality. They reside on the DVD disc. All the dynamic data and information is on the website. The website can be "plain" and very fast, and still look great. All the graphics and other things that slow the Internet to a crawl are on the disc. And while the disc is fixed, the website can change and update from hour to hour. A DVD disc linked to a website would also provide a quick and easy way to evaluate an individuals progress or offer instant certification.


Point-of-Sale, Tradeshows, Kiosks and Presentations

DVD's increase storage capacity allows you to put more than one program on each disc. For instance, one-point-of-sale or kiosk disc could contain 5 different products videos. One on widgets, a second on gadgets, a third on thingamabobs, a fourth on doodads and a fifth on knickknacks. DVD's interactive flexibility would allow that same disc to be used in five different stores or store departments. With a couple simple clicks, each video could be quickly programmed to only play in its intended department. You could add as much menuing and customer interaction as you wished and even make it available on a touch-screen. Touch the screen and a fact sheet prints out. Touch the screen and a trivia game appears. Touch the screen and an order form linked to your website appears.


The possibilities are endless.


Walk into a sales, meeting set your laptop on the table and pull up one of 10 presentations stored on a DVD disc. All the presentations deliver the same material, but each one is customized for a specific client.


Link five DVD players together and deliver a multi-screen tradeshow, available in six languages with or without subtitles, plus a wide screen version, all contained on the same disc. And the program will repeat itself endlessly, with no supervision, until you want it to stop.


Think of the efficiency, flexibility, increased interactivity and cost savings.


E-Commerce and Direct marketing

Today, many companies are taking advantage of the sales opportunities generated by the Internet. DVD provides a vehicle for delivering entire catalogs of merchandise, complete with video footage, graphics, animation, artwork, printable order forms and direct link interface to your website. The consumer can browse products, learn techniques and get answers, even use a built-in search feature. Once again, DVD/Web enters the equation. The website takes care of the fast changing, dynamic information such as prices, inventory availability and online ordering. The DVD disc takes care of the video catalog, graphics and animations that chew up bandwidths and slow the site down.


Go with the leader.

Even if you have no prior DVD experience, we offer you instant expertise. With over 300 titles to our name, we've seen it all. Along the way we've even pioneered numerous DVD features commonly used today, like Hot Keys, Motion Picons, Screen Savers and Web Links. We pride ourselves in designing features into DVD's that add real, tangible value to the material. We offer our clients complete "turn key" service from concept, to creation, to production. So, you can rest assured your first DVD will be every bit as good as our last.


At The Richard Diercks Company, Inc., you'll find three complete, absolute top-of-the-line DVD encoding and authoring stations. That's enough capacity to get any job done. And with our sister company, Digital Light, Inc., supplying high-end 3-D animation and graphics, everything gets done under one roof.


If we can answer questions or assist you in planning a DVD project, please contact us.



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